FURBY Ultimate Farting Review NEW 2012

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FURBY has had a reboot and comes with a ton of attitude. This toy has a mind of its own. The robotics of FURBY are still there but the brain has changed. FURBY reacts with the environment, he loves to be spoken to and enjoys music. He knows when there is rough play or love. Watch out when FURBY does a phase change, literally anything can happen. FURBY learns English quite fast and has a real passion for farting and burping. Yep FURBY has a mind of its own, its loaded with a ton of surprises. Its a very impressive toy and potentially the No 1 toy for Christmas 2012 I paid $80 for my FURBY which had a discount of 20% because it was being launched as a new toy for 2012. There is a free apple app related to this toy to enhance the play ability of FURBY but as I show its not needed. FURBY works fine without the app. itunes.apple.com Web Links : www.furby.com en.wikipedia.org MORE ABOUT THE FURBY PRODUCT Feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it and shake, tilt or turn FURBY upside down, over time you shape FURBYS personality. Whether yours is a music loving FURBY dancing to the latest beats or a mischievous FURBY looking for a laugh, each creatures likes and dislikes are molded by the way you play. From hip hop to pop, pizza or sushi, it responds differently depending on your FURBYs personality, even if its a loud burp after a big meal. With a wide range of unexpected reactions, the interactive FURBY has a “mind of its own” and will let its owner know how it.

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