How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard With An AK47 Water Gun

Battery operated motorized AK47 replica water gun

AK47 Replica water gun picture

Saturator AK-47 Water Gun


I’ve tried everything from spraying cat repellant to loose stone paving but I haven’t yet been able to stop the neighborhood cats from pooping and peeing in the borders of my yard so I decided that it was time for drastic measures.

I’ve just purchased a Replica AK47 STR80 Saturator Water Gun. It’s a battery operated water gun that I’m going to use to get rid of the cats. See how they like that.

This water gun is a toy but I’m 58 and so far I’m having great fun with it. I’m hoping that the grandkids don’t steal it from me when they visit. I haven’t even turned it on the cats or the grandchildren yet.

Inside workings of Saturator AK47 Water Gun

I got a version of the water gun with a clear plastic body which is cool because you can see exactly how it works inside.

When you squeeze the trigger a motor primes the chamber with water then a spring loaded plunger fires the contents of the chamber out of the barrel. Each squirt is just a small amount of water but the gun is capable of firing many squirts very quickly. Someone said that you don’t get wet with this toy because water is fired in small doses but it is a load of fun.

Now my long term intention for this water powered cat repeller is to connect it up to a motion sensor of some kind and leave it in places where the cats poop. I’m sure that they will get the message after they have been shot with it a few times. The gun makes a loud noise too when it fires which I’m sure is going to help to keep cats out of your yard.

Trigger mechanism of Saturator AK47 Water Gun

Connecting this Saturator water gun to a motion sensor should be fairly simple. Firing is initiated when two contacts on the end of the trigger are brought together so all you have to do is connect the relay output from the motion sensor to the trigger contacts. Fix the water gun and the sensor in the ground so that they both point at the place where you don’t want cats to poop then leave it and wait.

I have plans to install a small connector on the body of my Saturator but you can just drill a small hole and run two wires if you can’t be bothered with the connector.

This water gun is a toy but it does require a little care in use to keep it in working order. There is little or nothing to protect the battery compartment from getting wet and if it does it can damage the batteries. This means that you can’t immerse the gun in water but there is no need to do that.

The AK47 water pistol has a detachable magazine that you take off and fill with water. The other parts of the gun should stay dry unless you drop it in the pool. So don’t drop it in the pool right.

Whether you are having trouble with keeping cats out of your yard or you want to have a little fun with a water gun then you should get an AK47 Saturator Water gun for yourself.

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